Prize-winning quilts

I am very lucky to have won any prizes at all, because I don't set out to meet a judge's criteria for piecing and quilting. I respond to a stimulus and make my quilts in the way that seems best to suit that stimulus.

That way is often unconventional and therefore presents problems when it comes to judging. However, as an artist I feel no constraints should be given to my expression. If I feel that points that do not meet precisely will give me the effect I want, then I make sure my points don't meet precisely!

You see the problems I present to judges!

I believe that unless we fully explore the potentials of fabric, stitch, paint and dye we will not be carrying on the traditions of our grandmothers, who in their turn explored the potentials of the materials available to them.

Here are just a selection of my prize winners. Click on the small image to see the whole quilt.

Star of DavidBahia
Give a LifeRaising a Heat Wave
Streak of Lightning (with Sally Holman)  
Streak of Lightning