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Consuo, Consuere, Consui

A celebration of my 20 years as a quilter. Several thousand separate pieces of photos on fabric and both my hand-dyed and commerical fabrics combine to tell the stories of quilting, researching, designing, devising, teaching, travelling and making new friends.


I used a design favoured by the Romans to explore textures. Hares played in the fields outside my home while I made this, so they are there too.
62” x 41” £400


A collage of silk papers that I made in a variety of textures. Inspired by the Baths of Caracalla in Rome
30” x 24” SOLD

Mosaic at Sunset

Gold and purple light floods the mosaic floor of the Roman slave market in Dougga, Tunisia. The Emperor's purple, the gold that bought the slaves. The sun has set on that empire and now lizards live there - free.
42” x 43½” £450

Opus Sectile II

A collage of designs based on the 700 year old Great Pavement in Westminster Abbey, London. Colours were matched to those chosen by the original Cosmati ( a type of mosaic) artists. My first experiment with paper foundation piecing.


My interpretation of a fragment of Roman mosaic in silks and cotoons, mostly hand-dyed.
30” x 24” Not for sale

Rock a Doodle Doo

Hand-dyed and painted cotton. Crest of the Wave design in a spiral.
52” x 52” £450

Rock a Doodle Two

Bright 21st century mosaic in a Crest of the Wave layout
41” x 43” £300

Roman Fall

Coloured with light-sensitive paints, then machine quilted and embroidered.
24” x 24” SOLD

Tuscan Spring

Golden light through blossoms. Mosaics and bubbling wine
36” x 28” £100