Free Pattern

Moon over the valley

by Janet Cook
Copyright 2004

This is my adaptation of the traditional block "Moon over the Mountain". As I cannot see mountains from my home, just a gentle valley, I devised this block to enable me to make a quilt based on my village. Its unusual shape - 8” x 5” instead of square, and its asymmetric centre make it interesting.

Download the pattern for the block (this is a pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded free from Adobe). The pattern should be printed on A4 paper

There is great scope in the centre to play with the illusion of transparency. By using paler versions of the colours you have used for pieces A and B, you can make the moon appear transparent. Or you can have a dark moon with paler hills, sky and valley. Experiment with different fabrics. Your colour choices don't have to be realistic! Experiment also with the placement of the blocks. Laying them out like bricks gives a completely different effect to laying them out in neat rows. Note also the interesting secondary pattern that emerges.

Download a layout sheet so you can experiment (another pdf file)

I have given you guide lines on the templates to make the job of sewing easier. If your fabrics are loosely woven you will find that spraying them with starch will help to prevent stretching. I prefer to hand sew the curved pieces and machine the straight seams - I get greater accuracy that way.

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